Poll: Should Politicians Be Barred From Speaking at 9/11 Memorial?

Freedom Tower 9/11 Memorial Ceremony

[poll id=”28″]For the first time ever, politicians will not be allowed to speak at the 9/11 memorial ceremony this year. Some people are hailing this as a way to keep politics out of what is supposed to be a solemn way to remember those who died in a horrific tragedy. Others are attacking it as a political move in and of itself.

People claim the ban is retaliation for Governors Chris Christie and Andrew Cuomo (of New Jersey and New York, respectively) criticisms over the progress of a memorial museum.

Others feel that the inclusion of politicians lend extra gravity to the event. The presence governors and presidents does tend to elevate the importance of whatever event they’re attending. However, does a 9/11 memorial really need any extra gravity?

What do you think? Let us know in the poll and the comments.

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