Pregnant Wife Murdered by Husband & In-Laws to Get Rid of Evil Spirits

Husband and Family Murder Pregnant Wife

Naila Mumtaz, a 21-year-old woman who was six months pregnant, was murdered in 2009 by her husband and three of his relatives in an attempt to drive evil “jinn” spirits from her body. Her husband, Mohammed Tauseef Mumtaz, his parents, and his brother-in-law held her down in her Birmingham, England, home and smothered her to death. All four were convicted and will serve years in prison. They were sentenced yesterday.

Naila Mumtaz.

Mohammed and Naila were married in Pakistan in an arranged marriage 14 months before her murder. The judge announced the reason for the murder being that Mumatz’ parents convinced him that his wife was possessed by a jinn, an evil spirit mentioned in the Koran.

As a result, Mumtaz’ parents will serve at least 15 years in prison, Mumtaz will serve at least 13 years in prison, and Mumtaz’ brother-in-law will also serve at least 13 years in prison.

As he was leaving the court yesterday after sentencing, Mumatz was heard murmuring that he had loved her. Murdering her seems a strange way to show that.

Via Daily Mail

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