R. Kelly Pisses On I.R.S., Now Owes $6.2 Million to Uncle Sam

R. Kelly, back taxes, IRS, government, tax bill

What’s a million dollars more when your tax bill is already past seven figures, anyway?

If you’re R. Kelly it’s a few more zeroes, that’s all. TMZ is reporting the singer’s tax bill just went up by more than another million dollars. He already owes $4,848,072.71 in unpaid taxes for 2005-2010. The singer now owes the federal government another $1,379,695.11 for his 2011 taxes — bringing his taxes owed for the past seven years to $6,277,767.82.

A rep told TMZ:

He takes this very seriously and is already communicating with the IRS about the payment process to quickly resolve the issue.

The R&B singer might want to consider not cancelling his paying gigs then. Just last month, Kelly pulled out of his “Love Letters” concert cruise, claiming Concerts Cruise LLC didn’t pay him to play two shows during a five-day trip next month from Miami to the Caribbean.

No word on how much the cruise ship was paying — but probably not enough to pay off the taxes, anyway.