Real-Life Rambo Rescues Fellow Soldier In Record Time, Receives Honor

If you’re ever in war-torn Afghanistan amidst a bombardment of artillery, landmines and projectile explosives, you want British Second Lieutenant Thomas Onion by your side.


Because the hero officer performed what is being called the fastest medical evacuation…ever!

Twenty-one minutes, that’s all it took for this man with the Rambo-sized testicles to run through a continuous stream of explosives to get his fallen soldier — a 19-year old man whose legs were blown off and arm badly damaged by an IED explosion — to an operating table.

Want to know how boss this Lt. Onion is? He grabbed the injured soldier, tossed him on an ATV, amidst continuous gunfire and mortar strikes and said, “It’s the boss. I have got you.”

That’s right. Not only does he rescue explosive-shredded soldiers in the heat of battle, but also, he has time to spout out Ahnuld-like one-liners in the process. But, I’ll let him tell you what was going through his mind himself, via the Daily Mail:

I thought I was Superman. But you do crazy stuff. You deal with an IED and gunfire nearly every day. You haven’t got time to think. I needed to stop him bleeding, get the doctor and a helicopter.

Lt. Onion dressed the injured soldiers wounds and applied tourniquets to stop the bleeding while waiting for a U.S. Pedro chopper to come and airlift the poor kid out of the battle zone. On board the flight, the 19-year old soldier’s heart stopped beating, but was miraculously revived and is currently recuperating at the Headley Court military rehab centre in Surrey.

As for the hero, Lt. Onion today has been Mentioned in Despatches (akin to the U.S.’s Medal of Honor) for his “immense bravery for the fastest casualty extraction from point of injury to surgery seen thus far,” the Mail reports.