Security Firm to Prepare for Zombie Attack

Security firms are designed to provide protection from a number of different threats, whatever form they may come in. One such firm in San Diego next month will do just that – by helping to prepare attendees at the Counter-Terrorism Summit there how to defend themselves and their clients in the event of a zombie attack.

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President Brad Barker of HALO Corp., the company organizing the event, arranged to have a five-day demonstration for over a thousand medical experts, law enforcement officials, military personnel and various government workers that includes a range of training exercises from hands-on training and demonstrations to lectures and classes.

Seem a bit far-fetched and crazy to you, even after the Miami bath salt incidents that created the equivalent of a modern-day zombie?

The security firm thinks so as well. Nevertheless, they are using the event as a way to help bring attention to a number of crisis management processes that both can and will need to be in place in the event of a major emergency. As USA Today reports this type of scenario is not unique to the firm but is also used by the CDC to highlight key issues and prepare people for any “major emergencies, natural disasters and pandemics.”

The CDC's Zombie Pandemic comicThink a security seminar is too far? The CDC even produced a 40 page comic book featuring zombies for demonstration of which might occur and what should be done in the case of a widespread pandemic hitting the country.

Beyond handling your typical zombies the security conference will also look at a number of more major concerns for attendees, including handling issues such as cyber warfare. In fact during the session employees of HALO even intend to hack into of the attendees email or other online accounts to demonstrate their point and highlight their vulnerability in today’s day and age should proper security measures not be taken.

Assisting with the training session is Strategic Operations, Inc. – a specialized firm that uses both actors and special effects to simulate real-life tactical and combat trauma. Needless to say, throw zombies into the mix and it’s sure to be one heck of a show!

Training will begin next month in San Diego and all attendees are guaranteed to be in for an interesting twist on standard training practices.