Shaun White Busted: Got Trashed, Trashed His Room, Kicked a Dude, Smashed His Head

Shaun White mugshot

Snowboard demi-god and otherwise generally awkward short goofball Shaun White is totally not stoked right now after his arrest in Nashville for an off-the-wall bender.

TMZ reports that the Olympic gold medalist got so trashed that he trashed his hotel room and pulled a bunch of fire alarms like a 10-year-old.

Then he allegedly kicked some dude who had called the cops, took off running like a madman, and fell and smashed his head on a fence. He wasn’t wearing his helmet.

He was bagged for public intoxication and vandalism (he broke a hotel phone), but first they hospitalized him for treatment.

The 26-year-old weighs just 140 pounds, so of course he can’t hold his liquor. But Shaun’s been drinking like a pussy for years. What’s with the batsh*t behavior this time? It’s either bath salts (our vote) … or Bar Refaeli finally told him they’re just friends.

shawn white arrested drunk Nashville

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