Kristen Stewart: Flashing My Tits ‘On the Road’ Was No Biggie

Kate Middleton might be upset that the world has now seen her breasts, but Twilight sweetie Kristen Stewart, shooting topless scenes for the first time in upcoming adaptation of the Jack Kerouac book On the Road, says it’s not a big deal.

Actors Garrett Hedlund and Sam Riley aren’t shiny vampires or hot werewolves in this movie, so that might have made a big difference — stripping down in front of real-live, undead guys is really way cooler, after all.

And she doesn’t just strip down for her steamy ride as a 16-year-old bride, but she gets — shall we say — hands-on with both guys in the car. But Kristen told the Daily Mail the steamy scenes came naturally. (And everyone ask — how naturally were they?)

The film, set in the 1950s among that generation’s “beatnik” culture, first steeped its cast in the culture of the time, with a three-week “beatnik boot camp” taught by Kerouac biographer Gerald Nocisia.

Stewart said the camp, along with director Walter Salles, made the role even easier.

‘Once we got on set, it was so about just breathing and letting it happen. He put so much trust in us, so it was like, “Okay, so I have to take my clothes off?” It’s so not a big [deal].’

Stewart was only 17 when she accepted the part and says it’s a good thing the movie was delayed so she could grow up a bit because she wouldn’t have played the part at a younger age.