STUPID CRIMINAL VIDEO: Phoenix Man Arrested for Terror Hoax

Police in Phoenix have released 911 call tapes from earlier this year, when people told operators a “small man” or a “Kid” was pointing a rocket launcher, grenade launcher or a “long gun with a point on the end” at passing cars.

“I don’t know if it’s real or not, but it’s kind of bizarre. He’s wearing a dress with a torpedo on his shoulder and pointing it left and right.”

So who is the d-bag that would do something like that? Michael Turley, 39, was arrested earlier this week, nearly two months after posting his film to YouTube, where it got thousands of hits. and he’s accused of getting his 16-year-old nephew out on the street to see how fast police would react.

He mentions the July 20 movie theater Dark Knight Rises shooting in Aurora, Colo. and you can hear him saying on the film “I want to find out how safe I really am, and I want to know the response time of the Phoenix police department.”

He found out how fast. The police took just three minutes from the first call, and called out a helicopter and SWAT team for backup. How’s that for fast, pal?

Turley faces four charges, including endangerment and knowingly giving false information.

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