U.S. Supreme Court May Soon Trump States & Legalize Gay Marriage

CNN reports that the United States Supreme Court may be looking at the issue of same sex marriage as soon as next Tuesday.

This debate has been under a lot of fire throughout the U.S. for a number of years, having gay marriage being ruled as “unconstitutional” in many states looking to put a stop to it. If decided upon by the Supreme Court, however, this would overturn any state legislation and make gay marriage either legal or illegal across the board.

Proponents of the case are citing many past issues that have related to inter-racial marriages and how the Supreme Court has ruled against States Rights to prohibit those in the past, citing arguments along the lines of “If we can’t tell straight people how to run their own personal love life, how can we tell homosexuals how to run theirs?”

Opponents of the case still cite the religious foundation of marriage and its intended purpose for society, therefore it should be protected for heterosexuals only. The only issue with this when it comes to a Supreme Court ruling is that marriage has been institutionalized by the government and grants married couples certain rights that unmarried couples do not have (even with a signed power of attorney), therefore the issue of “separation of church and state” may take effect and nullify any arguments against gay marriage citing religion as a primary reason to abolish it.

Because of the technical aspects of the case many people throughout the country believe strongly that the Supreme Court will uphold the rights of homosexuals to be married — a ruling that is sure to garner significant unrest among those who are particularly opposed to even the concept of it.

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