Teen Fights for His Right to Wear Giant Hair Spikes at School


You’ll poke your eye out!

A Florida teen is is fighting for his right to wear his giant “Liberty” spikes to school, even after a principal stuck by his decision to keep the teen from sporting the 16 inch-long spikes.

Asher Stonesifer wears his hair down around his shoulders — except when he gets out the gel and a ton of hairspray, he can spike it to unseen heights — and the principal says it’s a distraction.

A lot of kids would have just put away the gel and gone back to class, but not this one. Wearing his hair down, he collected signatures on a “fight for your right to spike” petition, reports the Daytona Beach News-Journal, and he says if the principal doesn’t change his mind, he’ll go to the school board.

Asher Stonesifer, spikes, hair, spiked hair, student

But the teen says the principal told him the hairstyle is distracting and a health and safety hazard. He got sent home earlier this week after returning to school with his hair spikes in full glory, and ended up in the school discipline office.

The principal is saying he’s going by a school dress code provision that bans hair or clothes that cause a disturbance. But he admits there hasn’t been any problems over the boy’s hair — and that other kids have spikes or Mohawks too.

The kid’s mother says the principal is trying to control her son’s “free speech” and he can wear his hair however he wants.

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