2 Tornados Strike New York City: Watch the Raw Footage

Two freaking tornados struck New York City today. No joke — a nasty-looking twister socked the shore of Queens, touching down on the Rockaway Peninsula in the Breezy Point section. And another funnel cloud rocked the Canarsie section of Brooklyn, with winds clocked at 110 mph. Above and below are clips of footage from the Queens twister.

In Queens, no one was injured and damage was relatively limited, though the twister ripped off several cabana roofs, tossed around some dumpsters and hurled somebody’s barbecue into a softball field. The Brooklyn twister packed more punch, damaging homes and snapping trees but also injuring none.

Apparently this is the new Tornado Alley. Recent New York twisters included one last month on Long Island; two in September 2010 in Brooklyn/Queens; and one in 2007 in Brooklyn/Staten Island.

Here’s another look at the Queens twister from a different vantage point:

Here’s yet another angle of the Queens tornado, shot from Brooklyn:

If you still have doubt that we’re in the End Times, consider this irrefutable proof:

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