Five Dead in Another Workplace Shooting in Minn.

Two Dead in Minneapolis Workplace Shooting

Five people are reported dead, and four others are wounded, with three in critical condition of the four, in a shooting at Accent Signage Systems in Minneapolis Thursday afternoon. The gunman was of one of the dead. Officers would not release any details about the shooter, but a high-ranking law enforcement source confirmed that shooter arrived in the afternoon after bring fired from his job earlier that morning.

18-year-old Marques Jones said he was around the corner getting his picture taken when he heard the gun shots.

“We heard about four to five gunshots,” Jones said. “We were shocked at what happened and we just looked at each other. We all just took off running to our vehicles.”

This summer has been no stranger to workplace shootings. This follows one in a New Jersey Pathmark where a disgruntled employee killed two of his coworkers and another in front of the Empire State building where a man fatally shot his co-worker in the midst of the busy morning rush hour crowds. Both happened at the end of August.

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