Watch: Samuel L. Jackson Endorses Obama, ‘Wake the F**k Up!’

President Obama may not have directly called upon Samuel L. Jackson for his endorsement, but he’s getting it anyway with Jackson’s f-bomb bedtime story.

Released by The Jewish Council on Research and Education, the ad features Hollywood’s angry man battling not snakes on a plane, but the possibility of Mitt Romney taking up residence in the White House. Not the typical campaign ad full of promises and patriotism, this is an R-rated bedtime story warning against Romney in office. Nobody weaves a tapestry of F-boms quite like Jackson and he’s not about to let you sit quietly and simply hope for the best. The man is angry and not afraid to ruin your evening to get his point across.

This isn’t the first time Jackson has dished out his bedtime stories, last year’s “Go the F**k to Sleep” still has kids sleeping with one eye open.

Sleep tight, motherf**kers.

Via New York Post

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