Woman Finds Out Her Dead Husband Was Her Dad

Imagine being a woman, happily married with three grown children and 11 grandchildren, when your husband dies and you find out he was your long lost father. WTF?

Its sounds like an arc on a soap opera where things turn from bad to worse. Valerie Spruill, 60, of Doylestown, Ohio, realized the truth when her uncle came forward with the disturbing news. Compelled to confirm the sickening truth, Spruill retrieved strands of hair from her dead dad/hubby’s brush that had been lodged beneath their bedroom dresser. DNA testing was positive. Yuck.

She says “half of Akron” knew of her situation, but she didn’t. According to the Ackron Beacon Journal, Spruill had heard other family members whispering for years but never dreamed they were whispering about her.

According to relatives, Spruill’s hubby/dad, who died when he was 60 in 1998, hooked up with her mother, age 15, over 60 years ago. Spruill is aware of at least six other children that her husband fathered (not including the three children/siblings she gave birth to). There still might be more unaccounted siblings that won’t be found. This doesn’t sound like a daytime drama anymore, it sounds like an epic novel.

“This story needs to be told because children need to know where they come from. And I know it hurts, because I have been devastated by this,” she said.

Spruill is retired from the accounting department of Goodyear after 34 years. She’s been battling long-term medical problems, which she thinks are caused by the stress of learning that she’d been banging her dad all these years.