YouPorn Makes Hard Push to Buy Will and Kate Sex Photos

Kate Middleton, Prince William, sex photos, YouPorn

Porn video web site wants Closer Magazine’s suspected sex pictures of Prince William and his beautiful wife, Kate, and says the sky is the limit.

TMZ got hold of a copy of the letter, sent by the YouPorn owner Corey Price to Closer editor Laurence Pieau, who said over the weekend that she has much more intimate photos of the future king and his wife, all but saying the photos are of the couple engaging in royal sex.

Closer Magazine, though, is under a lawsuit, so even if it wants to sell off the photos, it might not be able to. Price said YouPorn feels “very confident that we can show this footage legally, and would like to make you aware that we have an ‘open checkbook.'”

Price, in the letter, further claims YouPorn customers are clamoring to see the royal couple, and he wants his site to showcase the footage.

Meanwhile, the paparazzi who took the princess’ pictures from a half-mile away was revealed Saturday night as Valerie Suau, who said she took pictures of Kate in her swimsuit, but denied she was topless. She described her pictures as “all decent.” Further, she claimed the royal couple was in plain sight of a nearby road, so it was okay for her to sneak and take photos of Kate’s assets.

Suau said she thought the chateau would have been better guarded, but said she had free rein to take photos of the couple “enjoying themselves in full view of the road.”

She described her pictures, published in France’s La Provence regional newspaper, as ‘all decent’.

The Closer Editor has said she held back in publishing the “intimate” pictures, although she didn’t say why.

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