$10 Million Buzz Kill: Huge Pot Crop Busted on Chicago’s South Side

$10 million marijuana crop chicago bust

Chicago Sun-Times photo.

A marijuana crop the size of two football fields was just days away from harvest when cops spotted it from a helicopter this week on Chicago’s South Side.

Planted in organized rows, the 1,000 near-mature plants — some as tall as 10 feet — have an estimated street worth of $10 million, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

Nestled amid rough brush in an industrial area, the field would have gone undetected if the cop in the helicopter didn’t get lucky: “I happened to glance down at the right time,” Cook County Sheriff’s Officer Ed Graney said. So if you want someone to blame for the price of outdoor kind bud this fall, he’s your villain.

Cops spotted a few plants from the sky but discovered the mother lode when they raided the field on land. Cops say a lookout was spotted as they arrived; he hauled ass out of there and left behind his sleeping bag and some munchies.

If you’re sad about this $10 million buzz kill, cheer up with some Cheech & Chong, man:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIwhnJ5K810chicago marijuana bust

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