83-Year Aikido Black-Belt Defends Home Against Intruder

When you’re a serial burglar, the last thing you want is to run into a pair of geriatric black-belts. Wait, did I state that correctly? They were geriatric? Hm…alright.

[BoxTitle]THE HEROES[/BoxTitle]

Well, it seems like your career as a burglar has hit a tailspin when two elderly, and by elderly I mean pushing 90 years of age, whoop your ass and leave your life-liquid spewing across the scene of an attempted robbery.

That’s exactly what happened when a Mr. Edwin and Jutta Dowdy were impeded upon inside of their own Australian premises, this weekend, which enacted their kick-ass switches to full-bore.

The elderly couple, both black-belts in Aikido, confronted the burglar with knives in hand.

I’m not sure if the knife-stab is an Aikido maneuver, but I’m quite sure it’s an effective device against unwanted guests.

The thief tried to rush past the karate duo, and in the process, he got stabby-stabbed. I’ve heard that Mr. Steven Seagal has taught the stabby-stab in his classes, but I remain amiss upon that inside information.

Anyhow, after he got some unwanted acupuncture from a couple of elders, he fled the scene like the whiny bitch he was. This was the bloody remnants of a man fleeing for his life:

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