Secret Service Agent Busted Sh*t-faced in South Beach after Obama Left Town

One of Obama's Secret Service Agents was found drunk in Miami

He must have missed the last plane out of Miami with President Obama’s entourage. So Secret Service agent Aaron Francis Engler made the most of his time in South Beach — he partied his ass off.

Local police found Engler while they were responding to an unrelated call. When they attempted to wake him he got a little testy, which resulted in them using force to take him down. Although he wasn’t harmed in the arrest, the agent will be pretty embarrassed because as the cops searched him they discovered his Secret Service ID. The arresting officer wrote:

[Engler] started arguing with me and throwing his arms around while I was conducting a pat down. At this point motorists traveling in the area were stopping to watch his actions.

Engler is part of Obama’s forward security team, as in it’s his job to be places before the president gets there to secure them, not to hang around after. Further humiliation ensued for Engler when he was unable to make his next assignment on Friday morning because he was in the slammer. Oh how I would love to have heard that phone call.

The agent was turned over to the Secret Service who transported him back to Washington. He was charged with one count of being publicly intoxicated and one count of resisting arrest. But hey, things are improving for the Secret Service, at least there were no Colombian hookers involved in this scandal.