Blueblood Johns of Zumba Whorehouse Block Names from Spilling into Public

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Alexis Wright, Brothel, Zumba dance studio, Kennebunk.

One hundred fifty bluebloods who allegedly got their rocks off at a Zumba-fronted whorehouse not far from the Bush Family Compound at Walker’s Point (see the distance below) got a last-second reprieve today from having their names outed for the world to see.

A judge in Maine earlier infuriated alleged clients of the brothel, which was fronted by a Zumba dance studio, by agreeing to release their names into the public domain. Today the first batch of names was to be released in the quiet beach town of Kennebunk, Maine.

However, at 3 p.m. a last-second appeal to the state Supreme Court by lawyer Stephen Schwartz successfully delayed the release of the names on the list.

Zumba Brothel Appeal

With Kennebunk being a popular tourist destination in New England and in close proximity Boston, locals are speculating that some of the names on the list will probably be from out of town.

Brian O’Hea, the owner of The Kennebunk Inn told, “Everybody is concerned about the guilty, people should be worried about the innocent, these are business owners, people deserve the list.”

Prominent New England lawyer Norman Pattis blogged this evening that, “Rumor has it police officers, politicians, lawyers and other prominent men were visiting Ms. Wright’s fitness studio to exercise muscles best flexed in private and at home. Why are we so crazy about sex?”

Alexis Wright, 29, has pleaded not guilty to 106 counts of operating a brothel fronted by a Zumba dance studio.

Her alleged partner in crime (literally), Mark Strong Sr., 57, is an insurance agent and part-time PI. He is charged with 59 counts in the indictment. Police searches of the Zumba dance studio discovered over 100 hours of clients performing sex acts on tape, as well as billing and client information.

Attorneys for the clients involved in the scandal have lobbied the judge not to release the names, fearing damage to their reputations. The names were to be released in police activity reports, which are weekly.

The list is believed to contain around 150 men, all of whom will be known to local residents and beyond. Allison Ackley, a regular attendee of the dance studio (for actual dance classes!), told spoke to AP:

She was very professional. She was an amazing dancer and she held a good class so I liked going. I thought she was a little, not risque but a little flirtatious, with a couple of the male participants in the class. But it’s Zumba. You’re there to have fun. I didn’t think anything of it.

Another local resident, Elaine Nicholson said:

It’ll be interesting to see who’s on that list because we’re hearing that there are selectmen, there are policemen, that there are firemen — people that we’re going to know in town. So everyone is, like, waiting with baited breath.”

Will Bradford, who owns a copy shop in the town, told Fox News:

There’s still some of that puritanical New England left around. There are places in the world that would laugh at this.”

The town of Kennebunk is most famous for being the location of the Bush family compound (in nearby Kennebunkport).

Bush Compound, Alexis Wright, Kennebunk

Alexis Wright opened her studio in 2010. Later that year a blog appeared stating that she was not who she claimed to be but instead “She’s living a double life and is a porn star. She may be a prostitute for all I know.” The business is believed to have made Wright around $150,000 per year.

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