Apple Sends Out Invitations to Oct. 23 iPad Mini Launch Event

It’s official, Apple has sent out invitations to a mysterious event that will take place on October 23 in San Jose. Most experts speculate that this event will be the launch event for the iPad mini.

The event invite seems to support this theory — it sports the Apple logo in front of a colorful background with the tagline “We’ve got a little more to show you.”

There are a few things interesting about this event.

The first is that the invite does not seem to fit the typical Apple artistic style. Apple logos usually feature a picture over a single color background. This speckled background might suggest that Apple is going to attempt to change its marketing image.

Also of note: Apple has held its events in San Francisco, while this will be the first one in San Jose.

Apple is rumored to be using this event to announce the launch of the iPad mini, but other analysts seem to believe that Apple might be using this event to launch a slightly tweaked full-sized version of the iPad.