Bad Ass Daryl Hannah Stands in Path of Oil Company’s Bulldozer

Daryl Hannah, arrested, environmentalistDid you think Daryl Hannah was a bad ass in Blade Runner, when freaked out and choked Harrison Ford with her legs before he shot her?

Or how about when she and Uma Thurman got into that huge bitch fight and she got her eyeball plucked out and stepped on before it was all over with in Kill Bill? Daryl Hannah, arrested, environmentalist

Well, those were just movies. Make believe. Pretend. But really, did a guy driving a bulldozer think he had much of a chance getting past her?

Hannah’s not the young, hot blonde she used to be, but she’s still a bad ass in real life. How else do you describe a woman who stands in front a bulldozer minutes before getting arrested in northeast Texas Thursday, as she protested an oil pipeline to bring oil from Canada to the Gulf Coast, according to the Daily Mail.

Darryl Hannah, arrested, oil pipeline

She was arrested alongside 78-year-old landowner Eleanor Fairchild and changed with criminal trespassing and hauled off to the Wood County, Texas jail, Hannah’s manager Paul Bassis said.

Hannah has opposed the TransCanada $7 billion pipeline for years, and this isn’t the first time she’s been arrested for protesting against it. She was one of hundreds of scientists and activists arrested in August 2011 for protesting the pipeline. Bassis said she’d probably spend the night at the Texas jail with her fellow protestor.

The opponents say the pipeline will unsafe because it carries acidic crude oil, which could corrode a metal pipe and result in a deadly oil spill, and the oil will contaminate the air. But TransCanada says the pipeline will be the safest ever built and its crude is no dirtier than any other oil brought in.

Oh, we all know how this will end up. The celebrities will all protest that pipeline and the oil company will get its way anyway. But after all, her fights didn’t end up all that well in Blade Runner or Kill Bill, either … but we have to admit, we always liked cheering her on, all the same.

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Is this the same lunatic who claims she was diagnosed autistic has a child?? Omg..lmao. For reals man this woman not autistic by a long shot. How dumb can media be? Omg. Fkg hilarious. So stupid. Clearly most media have NO idea what autism really is. A person with real autism is not capable of holding a job without ample supports and behavioral therapy. Stop the bs ok u morons.

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