WATCH: Base Jump by Norwegian Surgeon Goes Horribly Wrong

A Norwegian surgeon, Richard Henriksen, attempted to pull off a stunt for a TV show that involved him base jumping off the side of an insanely high cliff, while doing gymnastics, nonetheless. What could possibly go wrong, right? Well, the high bar that the base jumper was swinging off of suddenly collapsed mid-stunt, sending Henriksen tumbling down the side of the cliff not exactly as planned.

Miraculously, the adrenaline junkie survived the fall unscathed. Although he went plummeting down the cliff a few seconds sooner than he anticipated and nearly missed smashing his head on a jagged rock, Henriksen successfully pulled off the stunt. Talk about a close one.

Henriksen is a surgeon as well as a gymnast who goes base jumping in his spare time. You don’t find many of those out there, that’s for sure.