Beer Runs Allowed for Inmates in American Samoa

American Samoa is a tropical paradise for most people — even for inmates, apparently!

American Samoa

The Associated Press reports that two corrections officers at American Samoa’s only jail, officers Fiti Aina and Rocky Tua, were charged this week with aiding the escape of a prisoner, permitting escape and public servant acceding to corruption.

How did these charges come about?

Aina and Tua were letting prisoners out of jail to go on unsupervised beer runs. That’s right, beer runs.

The events were discovered when during a routine investigation in July beer cans were discovered in one inmate’s cell. After a full investigation it was discovered that the prisoners were being let out to go to a nearby store to pick up snacks and treats for their fellow inmates and the guards at the prison. Some of those let out weren’t “safe” criminals either — one guy who was allowed to go on a shopping spree is currently serving 40 months for attacking another guy with a machete.

Currently the two offers are being held awaiting trial on $10,000 bail.

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