BIG SISTER SCOLDING: Viral Video Captures Girl Nagging Little Brother

Okay, guys, if you have a big sister, you know what it’s like to get nagged.

That’s probably why this British video is going so viral that it’s probably the next “Charlie Bit My Finger” spot.

Poor little Gabriel O’Donoghue. It’s bad enough he’s got a time out from his dad because he spit on another boy on the playground. But then his big sister, Delilah, 4, had to come over and give him a lecture.

Their dad, Lee, told the Daily Mail he heard Delilah dressing down her little brother and started filming it with his smartphone about two minutes after she started scolding him. The 65-second video clip of his kids has turned Internet gold, and he’s started getting calls from all over about making the kids famous.

Their mother, Alex, a school teacher, said their daughter is “very bossy – it’s how little girls are, I think.”

And in case you need subtitles for the very British exchange:

I’ll keep remembering you being about two and I’ll tell my friends that too. You’re nearly three, you should toughen up a bit. When Mum and Dad said you don’t do that, you don’t do that… and you don’t spit. That boy’s old enough. You’re only two. You’re not old enough for that boy to… do a fight. That boy’s older than you. Maybe he’s nine or ten…or maybe… eight. Think about it, Gabriel.

The father said he doesn’t usually follow his kids around recording them, but he and his wife are now signed up with video marketing company Viral Sprial, which represents home-movie makers in maximizing profits from online clips. They’re the same company that represents the “Charlie Bit My Finger” folks.

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