Blow Away Some Coyotes, Win Two Assault Rifles

MOJO Outdoors TV: New Mexico Coyote HuntCoyote hunting in New Mexico. Watch for this episode on Mojo Outdoors TV2009-12-15T02:22:18.000Z

There’s nothing that says holidays like a bunch of dead coyotes and a pair of brand-spanking-new Bushmaster AR-15 assault rifles, is there?

Coyote hunters in New Mexico – apparently the last bastion of the Wild, Wild West – are getting the chance to find out in a contest that is horrifying animal rights advocates. Seems a shooting range and gun store in Albuquerque is hosting a two-day contest to see who can blow away the most coyotes.

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WKOB-TV reports the store is holding the challenge for two-member teams beginning on Dec. 1, but Susan Weiss, an advocate for the “Coexist with Coyotes” group says the contest is “immoral and disgusting.”

Hunting to eat is one matter. But just hunting for a contest I think is really immoral and disgusting. Most of the people that I talk to really enjoy seeing them and don’t want to bother them and do understand that they have to keep their animal – their own animals safe.

However, ranchers don’t find the critters cuddly or cute, and most say they have problems with the beasts killing their livestock. Plus, coyotes aren’t in low supply out in the western states, and they don’t have protection under New Mexico law.

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