Breaking News: Turkey Returns Fire on Syria After New Mortar Attack

The Turkish government in Ankara have returned fire on Syria after an earlier mortar attack in hit a farmland in the town of Altinozou which is located in the disputed Turkish zone of Hatay, according to Reuters.

There are no deaths or injuries reported as of yet. The news of the renewed fire was broken on Turkish state TV. This follows from Tuesday’s retaliation attack by Turkish forces in the region. Yesterday the government of Turkey authorized military action against their neighbor, “when necessary.”

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Syria on Friday that his country was “not far” from war with their neighbor.

Those who attempt to test Turkey’s deterrence, its decisiveness, its capacity, I say here they are making a fatal mistake.

He was speaking a rally this morning. In response to the shelling the Turkish government have ordered the movement of tanks and anti-aircraft weapons be moved closer to the Syrian border.

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