British Rugby Player Loses a Testicle and Keeps on Playing

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A British Rugby League player showed it takes a lot of balls to play the rough game – or at least a lot of ball.

Player Paul Wood Saturday lost a testicle after a suffering a collision during the league’s final at Manchester’s Old Trafford Stadium Saturday, but managed to play the rest of the match before seeking treatment, CNN reports.

Wood, who plays for the Warrington Wolves, was injured just one minute into the second half, but played the rest of the game anyway before he was taken off to the hospital, where the 30-year-old father of two’s injured testicle was removed in surgery. And even though he finished out the match, his team still lost by 26-13 to the 2011 champions, Leeds.

Talking about busting your balls.

And later on, after losing a testicle and the big game, Wood was still able to tweet his woes with a sense of humor:

And to a friend who hadn’t heard what happened:

And when it was all over:

Which goes to show you, even with one ball, Paul Wood is one tough SOB.

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