Charles Manson Goomba Bruce Davis Recommended for Parole

Charles Manson's Right Hand Man Bruce Davis

A state prisons panel recommended parole to Bruce Davis, known as Charles Manson’s “right hand man,” who was convicted of two murderers 40 years ago. It’s scary to think that this guy could one day be the guy living next door.

Davis was convicted with the notorious murderer Charles Manson in the killings of a musician and a stuntman. He was sentenced to life in prison when he was 30 years old in 1972. He is now 70. He is the first member of Manson’s cult known as the Manson family to be considered for parole.

Bruce Davis, right

A parole board determined in 2010 that Davis was ready for release because of his good behavior, but former Governor Schwarzenegger reversed the decision. The same thing is happening again. But he’s not going free just yet. The recommendation is subject to a 120 day review and then an additional 30 day review by Governor Jerry Brown if that gets passed.

To me, a life sentence means a life sentence. I don’t care if Davis has been an absolute angel for the past 40 years, he was sentenced to life in jail for murder and that’s that. Manson family prosecutor Stephen Kay said he was alarmed at the prospect of Davis’ release and said that he should die in prison.