Cops Called on Lindsay Lohan and Mom after Limo Cat Fight


Part-time actress and full-time trainwreck, Lindsay Lohan, is back in the news again. Reports broke this morning that Long Island police were called to break up a fight between Hollywood’s #1 cautionary tale and her mother, Dina Lohan. To top this story off, the fight allegedly took place in the back of a limousine. Classy.

TMZ reports that the mother-daughter backseat cagematch took place over whether Lindsay would be staying with her mother in Long Island or if she would head back to the city to stay in a hotel. Dina insisted on Lindsay staying in Long Island to avoid paying for a taxi back to the city (if you were holding yourself back from shouting “Really?!?! Cab fare?!?!”, feel free to let it out).

Lohan sustained a cut to the leg during the fight, reports claim that this was from a bracelet that was broken during the smackdown. Aside from that, there were no major injuries and no arrests were made.

It seems that Lohan has been working double time over the past few weeks to ensure that her terrible reputation sticks (do you remember the good ol’ days when Lohan had a good reputation? Yeah, me neither). She got in a fight with a congressional aide earlier this month and days before that she was arrested for hitting a NY chef with her Porsche.

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