Cops Kill Naked Tripping Warlock in Burning Home after Bird Sacrifice

cops shot man in fiery blaze in Vallejo Ca

Cops responding to a burning home shot and killed a naked, drugged-up Wicca practitioner who had just beheaded three birds in a ritual sacrifice with his naked gay lover.

The bizarre events went down Sunday morning, October 21, in Vallejo, California, as police arrived at a flaming residence on Alameda Drive and found two naked men, one armed with a rifle, according CBS SF.

The man and his naked lover were reportedly in a loud argument, while under the influence of hallucinogens, and were in the process of burning their house down.

Vallejo cops shoot down fiery blaze

Cops found several vehicles parked outside with shattered windows. Cops stormed the smoke-filled home and confronted one of the men. Meanwhile, the other naked man was at the back of the house with a rifle placed against the stomach of one of the cops. Another officer shot the armed naked man, who was later pronounced dead at a local hospital. The other man, 28, was taken to the hospital for observation and later booked in jail.

The cops believe both men were whacked out of their minds on drugs. The surviving man could not be questioned immediately because of his hallucinations. Investigators say the rifle was loaded at the scene.

In statement made to CBS SF, Lt. Sydney DeJesus said described what investigators found:

They located a blood trail leading to the back of the home where they found 3 dead animals, and what looked like a ritualistic act that was taking place.

The dead body was identified as Jeremiah Moore, 29, according to his mother, Lisa Moore. Lisa said her son suffered from Asperger’s Syndrome, which is a form of autism. She said her son has never been a drug addict, he was always happy and had done well for himself. The family has raised him to the best of their ability according to the man’s father, Eugene Moore. Jeremiah was a steam pipe fitter and had become a journeyman within his union. Jeremiah had moved into his rental home with his partner for more than a year. The mom described the couple as happy. She said they were interested in creating a community garden, and they invited family and friends over to their Alameda home for a party.

According to the Times-Herald, neighbors say that they have heard someone say “put the gun down” numerous times before shots were fired. And the neighbors also say that “the men never cause problems.”

In a statement to Times-Herald, the couple’s landlord, Courtney Thomas, said they were good tenants:

They always paid their rent on time and they took care of the house.

However in an interview with SF Bay, next-door neighbor Marvin Clouse said the couple slaughtered animals in rituals. He also believes that the man taken into custody is a Wicca practitioner, who may have gone off his schizophrenia medicine.

He thought he was the Messiah or something. He would say, ‘I’m God, (my partner) is God, we’re going to save things and the storm is coming.