EARPLUGS, PLEASE: Meat Loaf Batters ‘America’ at Romney Stop

If you need any more proof that the election can’t be over too soon, here it is.

Remember that singer Meat Loaf? You know, the larger than life Paradise by the Dashboard Lights, Rocky Horror Picture Show singing guy with the great big voice to match his body? Yeah, that guy.

Well, it seems he’s a huge Mitt Romney supporter too, so he jumped at the chance in Ohio to serenade Mitt and the audience with America the Beautiful along with a few other singers who support Romney. All well and good, right? Presidential candidates need famous people to support them.

And then Meat Loaf (or is it Meat? Mr. Loaf?) apparently decided he was being hidden behind one of the other singers too much, so it was time to sing and shout REALLY LOUDLY. We’re talking shrieks and hollers – and Mitt kept up his game face, but he looks rather startled at the same time.

Even Republican Sen. John McCain is still cringing. He told TMZ he likes America just the way it is, without weird noises or ad libs, and definitely without shrieking. And he had some advice for Romney:

Change the song? Or have someone who knows the words?