Elephant Attack at Australian Zoo!

Pathi Harn, a young elephant, attacks zookeeper

Lucy Melo, a 40-year-old zookeeper at the Taronga Zoo, is in stable condition after bein attacked by a 2-year-old elephant during a training session. The elephant, named Pathi Harn, pinned Melo to a post and two other zookeepers needed to come over to get Pathi Harn off her.

The zoo isn’t sure why Pathy Harn attacked and notes that the elephant and its entire herd are generally very calm and well-behaved going about their daily business.

Zoo director Cameron Kerr said on the matter that, “We’re all relieved to hear Lucy’s condition remains stable, and we’re continuing to provide support for her family and fellow keepers, while we continue our programs for the whole herd.”

And we thought it was just the apes, robots, and zombies we had to worry about. You didn’t see random elephant attacks coming didya? Ha! Apocalypse 2012!

(h/t CNN)