Extreme Rower Makes Detour to Rescue Pup from Ocean Rocks

As if it’s not enough that extreme rower Charlie Head can paddle through choppy waters between Cornwall to London to get people’s attention, just add puppy rescuer to his resume.

Charlie Head, extreme rower, dog, rescue
Head, 33 was on the last leg of the trip when he saw a Shih Tzu puppy stranded on the rocks offshore. And instead of continuing his trip, he changed course to rescue the cold, wet animal, put it onto his paddle board and bring it ashore.

Oh, and he caught the whole thing with the head-strapped camera he wears on his trips to record his journey.

Head said he was “gobsmacked” when he saw the puppy out on the rocks, and if he hadn’t gotten to him within 10 minutes, the pup would have drowned in the high tide, reports the Daily Mail.

I was gobsmacked. I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was just sat there wondering what the hell to do. He was absolutely terrified. In about ten minutes the rock would have been covered with water. I managed to paddle out to him and then get him on my board.

The dog, whose name turned out to be Bam Bam, was more likely the kind of dog that’s seen peeping from a woman’s purse than being in the ocean, said Head. But as the video shows, the terrified pooch soon realized Head was there to help him an snuggled in for the ride on the paddle board, between Head’s legs.

He was terrified when I picked him up but I think he soon realised I was trying to help. And when he felt safe he snuggled up between my legs and we headed back to shore. It is incredible that he was able to get out there – this is not a big tough dog.

Head was on the 600 mile journey as part of training for a longer trip – a 3,000 mile cross-Atlantic journey, which he plans to make in a one-man rowing boat. The 600 mile trip began in July, with Head rowing as far as he could every day before sleeping out in the open or staying with friends.

But when he saw the puppy, Head put the trip on hold until he could save it. After he pulled the pup to safety, he took it to the nearby Hampton Inn pub, where the owner and an employee helped take care of it.

Charlie Head, extreme rower, dog, rescue

And ironically, they were going to call the dog Pebbles until the local dog warden found its microchip and found out its real name is Bam Bam. Barmaid Chelsea Clark said she wants to keep the tiny dog if its owner isn’t found. For now, it’s at a local shelter.

Head said saving the dog was good karma.

It was great to help the little dog. Hopefully the good deed will bring me a little luck and help me complete the rest of the challenges.

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