Family’s House Ransacked After Miswording a Craigslist Ad

The Vercher Family's House Ransacked

A family in Woodstock, Georgia learned the hard way to be more specific when writing a Craigslist ad. The Vercher family posted an ad on the online personals site about a yard sale they were holding because they were moving due to the loss of their house of 20 years to foreclosure. The yard sale went a little too well when crowds of people showed up and not only took the free furniture that the family intended to give away on the front lawn, but ransacked their house and nearly picked it clean.

Can you believe these people? How rude, right? Well, check out what the Craigslist ad said:

“Fairly large, free yard sale. Moving and we want everything to go for free. So come over and take whatever you want and how much you want.”

The crowds literally took whatever they wanted and made off with everything, including much of the Vercher’s valuable belongings, even as they tried to stop the crowds from making off with the items. Among the items taken were prized possessions such as two guitars that belonged to Michael Vercher’s fiancée, Dana Lamanac.

“They were my dad’s, and that’s irreplaceable to me,” Lamanac said. “That’s really the only thing I want back.”

The Vercher’s will never again utter the words, “everything must go.”