FEMA: The Time For Preparing for Sandy is Over

Hurricane Sandy, Frankenstorm, FEMA

Cities up and down the East Coast were battening down the hatches against Hurricane Sandy, a megastorm that’s threatening 50 million people.

Further, the New York area, the most populated in the country, may face an 11 foot wall of water that could flood much of the city.

But if you haven’t gotten prepared by now, it’s time to take shelter and take care.

“The time for preparing and talking is about over,” Federal Emergency Management Administrator Craig Fugate said of Hurricane Sandy, which is colliding with two other weather systems for a “Frankenstorm” that’s being considered one of the worst storm on record in the U.S. ther systems that could turn it into one of the most fearsome storms on record in the U.S. “People need to be acting now.”

With rain falling from the leading edges of the storm, hundreds of thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate low-lying areas, and many are heeding the order.

“We were told to get the heck out. I was going to stay, but it’s better to be safe than sorry,” Hugh Phillips of Delaware told CBS News. However, others, like Ocean City, Md. surfer Brian Dean said he and his family decided to stay.

We’ve got everything pretty well situated, bunkered down, generators, [we’ll] hang out, ride it out. We rode out Irene last year, it wasn’t that bad.

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