FOOD VIDEO: Cute Blogger Eats Her First Live Octopus

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Guys like cute girls with a great appetite, and if they’re not afraid to eat a live octopus, well that’s just too cool to pass up.

“Sciencebunny,” a foodie from San Francisco, travels the world to enjoy the best, not to mention some of the weirdest foods and write about them for her blog. When she was in South Korea, she couldn’t pass up trying live octopus, which is very popular on many restaurant menus and considered a delicacy.

But it’s not easy to swallow a live octopus, but this girl sure does make it look like a lot of disgusting fun. In South Korea, live octopus is very popular on many restaurant menus, maybe because everyone is eager to try the delicacy.

But between giggles and grossing out:

“Once it’s in your mouth, it’s over!”

But it’s not easy to get that thing in your mouth, and you have to make sure to crunch it until it’s dead before you swallow. Yum, yum!

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