Rape Suspect Blames Four Loko Blackout: ‘Did I Do Something Wrong?’

Jonathan Stewart, homeless man, convicted sex offender and Four Loko enthusiast, was indicted Tuesday for allegedly beating and choking a 21-year-old woman before raping her in-between Hudson River Park bushes last month.

The victim told the Daily News shortly after the attack that she had looked into his bloodshot eyes and asked him, “How can you do this? Don’t you have a mother and sister?”

Stewart says he can’t remember what happened the night of the incident but thinks the attack may have been a Four Loko blackout.

I drank five Four Lokos, Grey Goose Vodka, smoked marijuana and K2,” Stewart said. “Did I do something wrong? … I don’t remember because I had Four Lokos. I don’t know what’s going on. I just woke up.”

So far this year, 1,058 rapes have been reported in New York City — up by more than 4 percent compared to this time last year and an increase of nearly 11 percent from the same time frame two years ago.

Phusion Projects, the alcoholic energy drink maker, plans to continue producing Four Loko, but without the caffeine, guarana or taurine.

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