G-Spirits Pours Booze on Naked Boobs and Sells it to You For $160

Rum, whiskey or vodka? What’s your poison? A new collection of alcohol coming from German distillers G-Spirits claims that all of its lovely liquor is first poured over the naked breasts of glamor models prior to being bottled. The busty hooch is retailing at around $160 per bottle, and one of the company’s primary models is current European Playmate of the Year, Hungary’s Alexa Varga.

Joining in her in heavy promotion of the drink are fellow topless models Amina Malakona and Evelin Aubert. The company plans to first produce 2,500 liters of each drink, with the models being doused and pictured on the bottles.

G-Spirits has been quick to emphasize that all of its booby booze adheres to all public health laws. A company representative said:

We pay high attention to a hygienic filling process. Furthermore medical personnel is present to check it.

The most definitely NSFW video trailer for the company can be viewed here.

In Europe, the continent’s representative body for alcoholic spirits have branded the company as “outrageous and distasteful”, probably in a fit of jealousy. The European Spirits Organization (CEPS) are attempting to shut down the company’s marketing campaign. CEPS frontman Paul Skehan said:

It is a shame that our sector, which produces good quality products, rooted in culture and tradition for centuries, should see its reputation damaged by some who want to generate quick sales through using such sensationalist, offensive material.

The innovation has been launched by two former barmen, say on their official website that the drinks “…are only served in small quantities with medical personnel in attendance.”

An official press release from G-Spirits said:

We say with strong conviction that the erotic of a beautiful woman is the best feeling for us,” the marketing copy said. “That’s the reason why every G-Spirit has to pour over the breasts of a beautiful woman.

Who’s round is it?

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