German Teen Pawns Mom’s Jewelry For Brothel Visit

Germany is known for many things. Efficient workers, Oktoberfest and WW2. Well, looks like Deutschland can add terrible parenting to the list of things they are great at.

A 14-year-old German teen is in some hot water after stealing between $2,500 and $3,800 worth of his mother’s jewelry and then pawning it for around $380. Why did he nab his mom’s jewels? To finance two trips to a German brothel for him and a friend. To recap, this kid is terrible at bargaining (he got around 10% of the jewelry’s worth) and has morals only matched by Jerry Sandusky and Tea Partiers.

I feel like the only way a kid could get that effed up would be via terrible parenting and it looks like the mother is trying to fix that. She will be pressing charges against her son and attempt to get some of that money back. This move even has German police kind of shocked (and I’m guessing it takes a lot to shock a German police officer).

Via Huffington Post

“We don’t know what the mother’s motives are for pressing charges,” Minet said. “It’s possible she wants to teach him a lesson or it’s possible that she felt she had lost control.”

In case you were wondering, prostitution IS legal in Germany but like the drinking age there, you need to be 18 to partake. Police are investigating the brothel that the boys went to but owners of the brothel say the boys were turned away upon arrival because they were under age.

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