Greek Soccer Fan Throws Explosive Onto Field [VIDEO]

Even explosions don’t stop European soccer matches very long.

On Sunday, someone threw an explosive onto the field in Greece during a game between fierce rivals Anorthosis, ranked in second place and Omonia Nicosia, ranked sixth in the Cyproit First Division League.

According to the New York Daily News, an Anorthosis player was on the ground being examined for an injury when the projectile went off. The players scattered, hiding their faces, eyes and ears, but nobody was injured.

And 10 minutes later, the players were back to the game. And after all, what’s a good soccer match without some random violence, right?

By the way, the photo above isn’t from this specific Anorthosis game, but from some other one where the fans set fires in the stands. Apparently it isn’t that uncommon at those games.

At least it wasn’t a hand grenade. Last month, during a clash between Iranian club Sepahan FC and Saudi Arabia’s Al Ahli, someone threw a hand grenade onto the field, nearly ripping off the hand of a Sepahan player.

This time, too, the game resumed play after a security team swept the stadium.