Radcliffe Haughton, Wisconsin Murder-Suicide: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

The suspect, Radcliffe Haughton, has just been confirmed dead, inside the spa, from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He has killed three, with four more wounded from gunfire. Here’s 10 facts to know…

1.The Suspect, Radcliffe Haughton, HAS JUST BEEN FOUND DEAD

The 45-year-old busted into the Wisconsin spa today, soon after opening at 11am, and began firing. At least three people are known to be dead at this time.

2.He Was Targeting His Estranged Wife
It’s believed that he was targeting his wife who is an employee of the spa. Why?…

3.His Wife Had a Restraining Order Against Him
Just three days ago, his wife issued and received a restrained order against Haughton, and, it may be obvious, but it goes without saying that this is just one piece of the puzzle as to what set Haughton off.

4.He’s Was Considered “At-Large”, but, Not Anymore
Haughton is 6’1”, a light skinned “ethnic”, about 270 pounds, and brandishing a handgun. Any sightings should immediately be reported to local police. Police do not know his whereabouts and are conducting a massive search. (UPDATE) Haughton has been found dead inside of the spa.

5.He Fled in a Black 2003 Mazda
The suspect took off in a ten-year old Mazda, plated with 171-KZD, after shooting a bunch of helpless women.

6.Witness Accounts are Shocking

While one witness said she saw two women emerge from the spa—one bloodied who was rushed to an ambulance, another rushed to a cop-car before being scrambled to an EMT staff next door—there are other witnesses, this was next to a major mall, who saw another woman who ran from the spa and began banging on cars for help. A man, presumably Haughton, followed her outside but ran when cops approached the scene.

7.The Spa is a 9,000, Two-Story Square Foot Complex
The spa boasts men’s and women’s locker rooms in addition to 10 treatment rooms and a café. To the local police’s credit, they were by one witness account:”within five minutes.”

8.A Bomb Unit Was Called
At the spa, police found an improvised explosive device (IED). It seems as though Haughton planned for this in advance.

9.FBI’s ATF Division Has Also Arrived at the Scene
Not only are state authorities involved, but now national authorities have entered the area, which can only mean that there is more to this story than we may have thought. Or, the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) division is trying to look useful to increase federal funding during election season. Probably both.

10.This is the Second Mass Shooting in Wisconsin in the Past Two Months
The Wisconsin-eers can’t catch a break right now. In August, a man shot, and killed, six people at a Sikh temple, while injuring three more. He was a U.S. Army veteran.

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