Hillary Clinton Absorbs Some Blame for Benghazi Security Breach

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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Monday night said she is responsible for the security of American diplomats, possibly trying to stop the political fallout around the Sept. 11 attack on a Libyan embassy that left an ambassador and three staff members dead.

Clinton, who is visiting Peru, said an investigation now under way will determine what happened in the attack, reports CNN, but she emphasized President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden aren’t involved in security decisions.

Attackers killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans at the Benghazi consulate. At first the attacks were blamed on a You Tube movie trailer for the film “Innocence of Muslims,” which coincidentally sparked riots all over the Muslim world. However, later documents revealed that the embassy in Libya was targeted by Libyan militants, and had been a target for some time.

The Obama administration has been widely criticized after the attacks, and after Biden said during last week’s vice presidential debate that the White House didn’t know of requests to enhance security at the embassy. State Department employees had said the requests had been made, and after the debate, the White House said Biden didn’t know about the requests because they were handled by the State Department.

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Clinton, who unsuccessfully ran against Obama in the 2008 presidential primary, said she wants to “avoid some kind of political gotcha” when it comes to the Libyan attack.

She further said she wants to downplay the criticism about the administration saying the attack was motivated by the anti-Muslim film, saying the information has changed since news of the attack started.

Clinton said she is working to make sure further attacks don’t happen and diplomacy in parts of the world like Libya doesn’t end.

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