Another Hurricane Halloween Trick: Sandy Digs Up 200-Year-Old Skeleton

In another morbid Halloween surprise from the devilish Hurricane Sandy, the superstorm’s howling winds knocked down a 103-year-old tree and unearthed a 200-year-old human skeleton.


WFSB reports that a passerby in New Haven, Connecticut, suffered a scare on Tuesday when she discovered the remains among the ripped-up roots of a tree “planted by Adm. Andrew Hall Foote’s Grand Army of the Republic.”

According to Reuters, the perished soul was likely killed by yellow fever or smallpox between 1799 and 1821.

Via New Haven Independent.

The discovery drew interest from local historians, who say the oak tree was planted in 1909 to honor President Lincoln’s 100th birthday. It grew on the New Haven town green, where some 5,000 to 10,000 bodies were buried long ago before their headstones were relocated. The bodies remain.

See more photos from the New Haven Independent.

This hurricane Halloween spookiness comes after Sandy-sparked floods dug up two coffins in Maryland.

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