Hurricane Sandy Rips Through the Bahamas and Kills 21

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is ripping through the Caribbean and just pummeled the Bahamas late Thursday night and into early Friday morning, killing at least 21.

The hurricane weakened to a category 1 hurricane Thursday night, but killed 11 people earlier in the day in Cuba. Authorities report that it was the deadliest storm for Cuba since July 2005 when Hurricane Dennis killed 16. Officials in Cuba report that among the 11 dead is a 4-month-old boy who was crushed when his home collapsed.

One person was also killed while the storm crossed Jamaica on Wednesday and 10 people in Haiti.

Forecasters warn that Sandy will most likely mix with a winter storm to create a monster storm being dubbed as “Frankenstorm.” The storm is projected to hit New Jersey on Tuesday with strong winds, flooding, and possible snow beginning on Sunday.