Idiot Brothel-Running Dad Makes Idiot Tweeting Son Proud

Prostitution ring

William Thomas of Brooklyn was arrested this month for allegedly running brothels catering to those with a fetish for busty Asian women.

When the story broke, his son took to his Twitter account and posted “awesome dad! Way to make the Thomas family proud!” The son then posted about Monday Night Football and the Presidential debate. At least his son wasn’t too rattled to maintain his Twitter presence.

Neighbors refer to Thomas as “very friendly” and “a nice guy.” The 42-year-old father of four also seemed to fulfill his parental responsibilities, taking his son to a Nets game on Friday, and again, his son took to Twitter to express his excitement over their front-row seats.

Thomas is accused of creating two websites to promote his business, which were managed in four locations throughout Manhattan. Hookers charged between $200 and $300 an hour. An undercover cop posed as a potential customer and became a member of the private men’s club at, which featured half-naked Asian women promising “the girlfriend experience.”

His son later tweeted “pretty surreal to hear your dad’s name on the news in connection to a massive prostitution ring bust. had to happen eventually i guess ‪#meh‬.” Meh, indeed!

Source: Daily Mail

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