Jimmy Savile was a Necrophiliac and a Pedophile Says BBC DJ Paul Gambaccini

Jimmy Savile, Paul Gambaccini, BBC, BBC Sex Scandal, Pedophile, Necrophilia.

The popular BBC DJ Paul Gambaccini has made the most sensational claim in the ongoing Jimmy Savile BBC sex scandal.

On his Radio 5 Live show, Gambaccini claimed that his former colleague was not only a pedophile but a necrophiliac. He stated that Jimmy took advantage of his position as a public fund raiser for sick children:

He targeted the institutionalised, the hospitalised – and this was known. Why did Jimmy go to hospitals? That’s where the patients were.”

He went on to describe Savile’s sexual preferences as being toward “under-age subnormals.”

In his on-air rant, Gambaccini (pictured below) made the allegation that rumors were going around the BBC about “Jim” and his sexual preferences since the 1980s. He further stated his shock that no action had been taken then.

Paul Gambaccini, Jimmy Saville, BBC Sex Scandal, Necrophilia, Pedophilia.

Nicky Campbell, Gambaccini’s co-host on the show, tried to reel in the New York-born DJ, saying:

That particularly lurid accusation that you have just brought to people’s attention is one that has not been in the public domain.

To which Gambaccini replied:

The expression I came to associate with Savile’s sexual partners was either one used by production assistants or one I made up to summarise their reports … “under-age subnormals”

The Stoke Mandeville Hospital where Jimmy did much of his fund raising work released a statement:

We are not launching an investigation into claims that Savile was a necrophiliac. We have never received any complaints as to that nature.

During our time, to the best of our knowledge, Jimmy was not given free access around our clinical areas and whenever he attended the hospital he would give advance notice and usually be in attendance with his fundraising team.”

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