Joe Biden Asks Dad of Dead Navy SEAL about Son’s Testicle Size

At a fallen-victim ceremony for the American men who died in the consulate attack in Benghazi, Joe Biden asked Charles Woods, father of slain Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, “Did your son always have balls the size of cue balls?”

Biden, a man who is no stranger to making off-the-cuff remarks, made another off-the-cuff remark. But this one is a doozy.

Tyrone died on September 11 alongside his colleague Glen Doherty while the pair were protecting a CIA building next to the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

The father, who doesn’t seem like a big supporter of the present administration, went on The Glenn Beck Program earlier this week:

The dad said Biden made the crude remark in “an extremely loud and boisterous voice. … Does that sound like someone who is truly sorry?” He goes on to criticize Hillary Clinton for her lack of integrity.

In related news, did you know there’s a Facebook page about Joe Biden’s nuts?