Joe Biden is a Boss

Joe Biden with Dunkin Donuts and aviators

This is Joe Biden walking into a Florida field office wearing aviators and carrying a metric ton of Dunkin Donuts. Joe Biden is the coolest. He’s also wearing an outfit that makes him look like a ship captain. Which makes me imagine Joe Biden singing “I’m on a Boat.” Which would probably be the greatest thing ever and cause the sun to explode.

Between this and the Obama dreads, the Obama campaign is definitely beating Romney-Ryan in the category of swaggerlicious.

And let’s not forget Joe Biden’s opinion of college cheerleaders.

Nevermind who you’d rather have a beer with, I’d love to shotgun a beer with Joe Biden. Maybe funnel a few as well. Then we could cruise around in his Camaro while rocking out to Dio.

Joe Biden is a Boss

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