Joe Simpson and Bryce Chandler Hill: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Joe Simpson, Bryce Chandler Hill, gay, gay rumors, Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson

It’s not unusual when a middle aged guy ditches his wife for someone young and hot — but if you’re Joe Simpson and the someone else is reportedly a 21-year-old male model, that’s a shocker.

Tabloids such as the National Enquirer and Radar Online have both broken news of Simpson’s alleged dalliance with Bryce Chandler Hill, who is 33 years younger than Simpson. Apparently, just days after Joe’s wife, Tina, filed for divorce, the Enquirer outed him.

Will there be a reality show from it all that will finally knock Kim Kardashian and her family off their E! Network throne? And who is this young stud – and is it all true?

1. They’ve Supposedly Been Stepping Out for a Year

Joe Simpson, Bryce Chandler Hill, Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson, gay

While there’s a lot of denial going around about Joe Simpson and his same-sex fondness, there’s little surprise in Hollywood, it’s being reported:

Joe Simpson being outed by the National Enquirer was no surprise to the gay community in Hollywood, Bryce has been bragging about hooking up with Joe for a while now.

2. Bryce and Joe Were Introduced by Someone Close to Jessica and Ashlee

Joe Simpson, Bryce Chandler Hill, Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson, gay

Hill is apparently close to TJ Espinoza, who in turn is good friends with both Jessica and Ashlee and worked for Britney Spears as a back-up dancer. Espinoza apparently introduced Hill to the Simpsons, and that’s when he met Joe

3. Bryce is in Denial Mode

Joe Simpson, Bryce Chandler Hill, gay, Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson

Like every other young person, Hill took to Twitter to say his piece.

4. Joe and the Simpson Family Are Also Denying the Rumors said that while rumors and the National Enquirer are reporting Joe came out to his family, the Simpsons are running damage control and denying the gossip.

It is an amicable split and there is no third party involved. Any other related allegations are completely false. The family appreciates your respect for their privacy at this time.

But Joe also retweeted one of Bryce’s tweets way back in July:

5. Jessica Shocked But Coming to Terms

Joe Simpson, Bryce Chandler Hill, Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson, gay

An inside source told Radar Online that Joe’s most famous daughter is coming to terms with the news, but says she was blindsided.

Jessica’s been trying to process the information slowly, but she’s having difficulty dealing with it. She can’t understand why Joe stayed married to Tina for so long, and can’t help wondering how much of their life was a lie. Despite that, she’s going to stand by him and support his decision. After all, he’s still her father and Joe’s always been there for Jessica whenever she’s needed him. And not just as a father, but as her manager too.

6. This is Going to Be One Expensive Divorce

Joe Simpson, Bryce Chandler Hill, Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson, gay

Joe and Tina Simpson’s famous daughters are all grown up, of course, so there won’t be any messy child support or custody battles. But their Los Angeles home was put on the market this month for $4.4 million. And while the family says the separation is friendly and nobody else is involved, there’s no denying that California is a community property state and Joe and Tina’s girls brought them millions over the years.

7. Joe’s Got a Shocking New Look

It’s not weird when someone gets a divorce and starts dressing younger – unless it’s a guy who’s basically been a redneck until now. And usually a new look for a guy Joe Simpson’s age means maybe a new leather biker jacket. It doesn’t mean he suddenly starts dressing like a 20-year-old with highlighted blonde shaggy hair, a fitted sweater and tight jeans and bright yellow tennies.

8. Bryce’s Buddies Claim He’s Been Bragging
While the model denied the affair on Twitter, Radar Online says he’s been bragging about dating Joe, and he’s been telling his friends all about their hookups. But more than one “close pal” thinks Bryce is just using Joe to get famous.

Bryce claims he’s been dating Joe for roughly a year and absolutely loves to boast about it because he loves being the center of attention. He’s also been quick to tell anyone that will listen that he’s using Joe to climb the showbiz ladder. Bryce is desperate to become famous, he’s done lots of modeling shoots and wants to become an actor. When he met Joe, he knew what a good job he had done in managing Jessica and Ashlee’s careers and wanted a piece of the pie himself.

8. Joe’s Comment About Jessica’s Boobs Suddenly Not So Creepy

Joe Simpson, Bryce Chandler Hill, gay, Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson

A few years back, Joe commented that much of his daughter’s popularity came from her “Double D’s”.

Jessica never tries to be sexy. … She just is sexy. If you put her in a T-shirt or you put her in a bustier, she’s sexy in both. She’s got double D’s! You can’t cover those suckers up!

Kind of a creepy thing for a dad to say about his not-so-little girl, isn’t it? Well everyone thought so too, but if it turns out the reports about Joe are right, at least it doesn’t seem quite so creepy, does it?

9. Joe’s Been Changing For a While Now
Joe was a youth minister and Baptist pastor before he turned his efforts into marketing his daughters and their talents. True, Ashlee turned out to be kind of a bust, except when it comes to getting photos taken of herself walking around New York, but Jessica and that huge pregnancy last year are still bringing him some money.

The news started to bust up, though, when Joe got arrested last August for a DUI – something odd for someone who had seemed relatively squeaky clean.

10. Bryce Isn’t Being a Gentleman
Yes, Bryce is denying the rumors, at least on Twitter. But in real life, he’s not being so nice, Radar Online reports:

But the sad thing is, he mocks and laughs at Joe behind his back. He doesn’t care for him in the same way Joe does about him.

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