Kabang the Snout-less Hero Dog Arrives in U.S. For Surgery

Kabang, the Hero Dog, flying to US for badly needed facial surgery2012-10-08T11:44:49.000Z

A heroic dog that lost its snout while saving two young girls in the Philippines is now in California, where veterinarians are trying to repair its severe injuries.

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The mixed-breed dog, named Kabang, is now at the University of California, Davis, where the surgeons at the veterinary medical teaching hospital began examining it. They say she’ll need multiple operations, but they’re sure they can improve its outlook,reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

Kabang became a hero after it jumped in front of a speeding motorcycle, saving its owner’s young daughter and niece. But she lost her snout and upper jaw when her face became tangled in the motorcycle’s spokes, and veterinarians in the Philippines were not able to treat its injury. Kabang is in the United States thanks to Karen Kengott, a critical care nurse from Buffalo, N.Y., who started an online fundraising campaign to care for the dog.

Dr. Frank Verstraete, one of the veterinary surgeons, said the team is sure it can improve her condition. He and fellow surgeon Boaz Arzi said they think Kabang will need two surgeries over the next six weeks, one for dental work and the other to close the gaping wound on her face.

Contrary to some rumors in the media, there are no plans to fit Kabang with a ‘prosthetic snout’ or to replace her jaw.

Ironically, Kabang’s owner found her as an abandoned puppy in a rice paddy field. He kept the dog with the intentions of fattening it up and feeding it to his family, which Philippines families often do. However, his daughter and niece got close to Kabang, and the dog was very protective of the young girls.

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